This is an epically hilarious and spoiler-filled review of Clockwork Princess. Do not hit play unless you want to be spoiled!

(Also amused that so many people’s favorite scene is the DSDS. Unreconstructed perverts, unite!)



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Beth Crowley


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You fascinated me
cloaked in shadows and secrecy
the beauty of a broken angel
I ventured carefully
afraid of what you thought I’d be
but pretty soon I was entangled

You take me by the hand, I question who I am

Teach me how to fight, I’ll show you how to win
you’re my mortal flaw, and I’m your fatal sin
Let me feel the sting, the pain,
the burn under my skin

Put me to the test, I’ll prove that I am strong
Won’t let myself believe, that what we feel is wrong
I finally see what you knew was
inside me all along
that behind this soft exterior, lies a warrior

My memory refused
to separate the lies from truth
and search the past my mind created
I kept on pushing through
standing resolute which you
in equal measure loved and hated

You take me by the hand, I’m seeing who I am


You take me by the hand, I’m sure of who I am


The pictures come to life
Wake in the dead of night
Open my eyes, I must be dreaming
Clutch my pillow tight
brace myself for the fight
I’ve heard that seeing is believing

AWESOME klsfjaslfkjaslfa

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Clockwork Princess questions and answers: SPOILERS


The question’s not spoilery but the answer is …

Hi Cassie! I wanted to thank you for writing a beautiful conclusion to The Infernal Devices. I was wondering, is there a special reason why Jem’s POV is so little throughout the books? Thank you for everything :) — offeringofmoonlight

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On love (Clockwork Princess questions, spoilers under the cut!)


Hi, Mrs. Clare! I’m reading Clockwork Princess right now. I just wanted to, first and foremost, applaud your writing. What you have done with The Infernal Devices has revolutionized the way I write love stories. I’m an aspiring author myself, and I have been so tired of the stereotypical love triangle that so many YA books design. Yours is so incredibly different, and embodies a whole new idea. Thank you for that. I was wondering, though, what your takes on Tessa’s love for Will vs. her love for Jem were? I always imagined that she loved Jem much in the same way Will loved Jem — like that of an old friend, a close friend; someone that they would never ever want to disappoint, hurt, or let go of. I imagine that’s why she married him. But with Will, she had all the enigma, the crazy, emotional, unrequited love that most fairytales envelop. Keep in mind, I’ve just started Clockwork Princess, so that book may answer my questions. I just wanted to ask, am I on the right track with my reasoning? And what are your thoughts — what were they when you were developing the story? — chrissyrebekah

First: thank you very much for your kind words. Hang in there, because I am going to tease you slightly. ;) Clockwork Princess spoilers under the cut.

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